Coaching for you

Boost your resilience

Our coaching helps you to start (or keep) feeling good about yourself. If your employer has a contract with Resilians, our coaching is available to you free of charge. Read more about the benefits here.


Available always and everywhere

You can turn to us 24/7 for coaching by phone. For face-to-face coaching, we have 50 locations across the Netherlands.


Whoever you are, whatever you do

Whether you’re employed as a mechanic, a care professional or a managing director, our experienced coaches speak your language.


Confidential access

You can turn to us for coaching on your own initiative. Your employer will not be informed.


Professional and caring

You will feel at ease with our experienced professional coaches. And they will help you to take new steps.

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Resilient employees make the difference

Coaching service for your organization

Resilient employees make the difference

Our coaching service enables your employees to work on their vitality, resilience and personal development on their own initiative. This will allow them to continue to feel good about themselves. The result? Less absenteeism, better performance and stronger involvement. You will notice the difference.

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Satisfied clients

We successfully work for a variety of organizations. Our clients care about their employees’ personal well-being. Would you like to know what the benefits are? Let’s make an appointment.