Promote self-direction

Put effort into sustainable employability

Enable your employees to work on their own resilience and personal development. They can turn to Resilians with questions that are private or work-related, whenever it is relevant to them.



Our coaching enables employees to increase their vitality, reduce stress and prevent absenteeism.


Personal development

Employees get to know themselves better, become more proactive and can be employed in a sustainable way.


Good employership

Mental health and self-development are the themes of the future. Coaching by Resilians will help you to remain attractive as an employer to existing and new employees.


Coaching that covers all the bases

Resilians’ evidence-based coaching allows you to introduce a uniform approach for the entire organization, together with a high level of service and valuable management information.

The pros of Resilians

Coaching that covers all the bases

A contract with Resilians means you have arranged coaching for everyone and everything is taken care of. Get to know the Resilians approach.


24/7 coaching

A contract means that all employees have access 24/7 and can start immediately without being put on a waiting list.


National coverage

50 locations across the Netherlands means there is always a coach nearby for face-to-face sessions.


Free of charge and confidential

All coaching is free of charge for employees and their family members, and anonymous to the employer. This makes our service accessible.


Also for family members

If your partner feels good about him- or herself, you will be better at your job. This is why family members are also eligible.


Proven to be effective

Resilians’ coaching is evidence-based and has proven to contribute to employee vitality.


Experienced coaches

Resilians’ coaches were trained at higher professional or university level and have a wealth of practical experience.


Available in English

Our coaches speak both Dutch and English. They have a lot of experience counseling expats.


Total peace of mind

No waiting lists, excellent service, tailored approach where needed, management reports: Resilians takes care of everything.

When mental resilience matters

For people from different backgrounds

When mental resilience matters

Resilians has experience coaching people from highly diverse backgrounds, different job groups and varying industries. What they all have in common is that mental resilience and personal development are important in their jobs.

For resilient employees

For all employees who feel the need to spar with a coach in order to stay mentally fit and develop themselves.

For employees across the Netherlands

Resilians’ national coverage means there is always a coach nearby, wherever your employees live or work.

For safe employees

Our coaching keeps employees healthy, alert and focused. This is why organizations for which eliminating errors and work safety are especially important also choose Resilians.

For high-performance employees

In organizations with many ambitions and a high work pace, employees’ mental fitness matters. Resilians has the experience.

For 24x7 employees

Employees who work outside office hours can turn to Resilians 24/7 for support. Of course, this also applies to employees who want to speak to a coach outside work hours.

For international employees

Resilians has a wealth of experience coaching expats and employees with an internationally oriented job. Our coaches speak both Dutch and English and have experience dealing with widely varying cultural backgrounds.

Evidence-based coaching

Our coaching works

Our coaching has proven to be effective. Research done by the Open University of the Netherlands indicates that our clients have more energy, are more strongly motivated and feel more resilient after coaching.

The quality of our coaching makes the difference. Furthermore, the study shows that our coaching by phone is as effective as our face-to-face coaching. Since everyone is different, we offer multiple forms of coaching and let our clients choose the form that suits them. Click here to read the entire study.

Resilians cooperates with universities and other knowledge partners to further advance the coaching profession. Click here to read more about Resilians Lab and our projects and publications.

Our coaching works
This is the impact of our coaching

It pays to invest in our approach

This is the impact of our coaching

The investment in Resilians coaching pays for itself three times over within a year. Our clients tell us that our approach contributes to reducing absenteeism, improving work performance and preventing unwanted employee turnover. Most of our clients report absenteeism figures that are lower than the industry average, partly thanks to our coaching.

What is your view on sustainable employability? Which issues does your organization face? Do you have questions about our service? Let’s meet and get acquainted!

Michiel Mast, CEO Resilians