Which are the topics that we can help you with?

For questions that occupy your mind

You can turn to us with questions that are private or work-related. See below for more about the topics that are covered by our coaching. Do you have a different question? Contact us, and we will discuss how we may assist you.

For questions that occupy your mind

Personal effectiveness

To increase your mental well-being, to reduce stress, to deal with illness, to develop your qualities.


To communicate better, to handle conflicts and emotions, to increase your assertiveness.


To change or develop your current job, to clarify what drives you, to (re)define your career path.


For improving and deepening your relationship, support during a divorce, sounding-board talks about raising children, dealing with being single.

Work-life balance

For questions about combining work and family, the feeling of always being ‘switched on’, questions about time management and personal values.


For grief counseling after the death of a loved one, to help you regain your balance after a dramatic event, to provide support on matters of confidentiality.


For questions about meaning and purpose in your (professional) life, about changes in your stage of life, about dealing with moral stress.


For personal-leadership issues that trouble managers and independent professionals.

What are your options?

We made our coaching accessible

Does your employer have a contract with Resilians? If that is the case, you can turn to us for coaching free of charge and on your own initiative. Whenever you want. You are entitled to five coaching sessions per year. In most cases your family members are eligible as well.


24/7 sounding board

You can approach us immediately for a single coaching session or a coaching program. Our coaches are on standby, both during and outside office hours.


Coaching by phone

If you want remote coaching, please select coaching by phone. Our coaching by phone is as effective as our face-to-face coaching.


Face-to-face coaching

You can opt to have face-to-face sessions with a Resilians coach in one of our 50 locations across the Netherlands.


Video coaching

Are you looking for a remote coaching session but still want to be face to face with your coach? In many cases video coaching is also available.

The people at Resilians

Coaches with an open mind

Resilians employs professional coaches with a wealth of experience in the area of resilience, vitality and personal development. You will find that our approach is based on trust and that we are truly independent. You will also learn that Resilians coaches have an open mind and focus on the goals you want to reach.

All Resilians’ professional coaches were trained at higher professional or university level. They specialize in short-term, progression-oriented coaching and counseling. We work according to the latest psychological insights.

Our coaching puts you in the driver’s seat: the content and direction of all conversations are entirely up to you. Read more in the frequently asked questions section.

Coaches with an open mind
Confidential coaching

What about your privacy?

Confidential coaching

All your conversations with us are kept confidential and anonymous to your employer. Resilians will not inform your employer that you are making use of our free coaching sessions.

All your employer will receive, are anonymous statistical reports about coaching usage. This means you are free to speak your mind. Would you like to know more about how we protect your privacy? Read more here.

The results

What do our clients say about our coaching?

Our clients are satisfied and award our coaching with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, 93% of our clients indicate after coaching that they feel better about themselves. Click here to read some of the things they say about our coaching.

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