Resilians is independent and maintains strict confidentiality. Any information you share with us and all discussions between us are kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone else, including your employer.

If you are coached by us because your employer has a contract with Resilians, your employer will not be informed about the fact that you receive coaching from us.

Your personal data are stored in our digital client system, which can only be accessed by Resilians professionals, who are all sworn to confidentiality. The data in our client system is only used to monitor the progress and quality of our own service. Resilians has its own system for the continuous monitoring and optimization of data protection.

Resilians reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to contact other care professionals if a client, in the opinion of the coach, poses a serious danger to themselves or to others. Such a decision will solely be made on the basis of compelling signals and in careful consultation with at least one other Resilians professional. Should Resilians decide to engage other care professionals, we will inform the client in advance.

Your employer will receive anonymous statistical information about the use of our coaching. This statistical information does not contain personal data and cannot be traced directly back to you. Your privacy is guaranteed.

If your employer has a contract with Resilians, you may opt for anonymous coaching by phone. In that case we will only ask you for the name of your employer so we may determine whether you are eligible for our coaching. However, if you want to continue to have sessions with the same coach, we will (have to) ask for your personal data.

Resilians will keep your personal data for seven years.

Resilians management is the point of contact for all questions and any complaints regarding privacy and the protection of personal data, and can be reached via

These privacy regulations are part of Resilians' general terms & conditions.