What does a coaching program look like?

A coaching program starts with a comprehensive interview by phone. Afterwards, you may sign up for a maximum of five coaching sessions, always with the same coach. You can opt for coaching by phone or video coaching. You can also opt for face-to-face coaching at one of our 50 locations across the Netherlands. In some cases, you can also opt for coaching while walking.

Is every question suitable for coaching?

Our coaches can handle a wide array of questions. Click here for more information. Not every question is suitable for coaching, nor is coaching a replacement for psychotherapy. If the interview reveals that your question is not really suitable for our coaching, we will refer you to more appropriate support.

Will you inform my employer if I am coached by you?

All your conversations with us are kept confidential and anonymous to your employer. Resilians does not inform your employer that you are making use of our free coaching. All your employer will receive, are anonymous statistical reports about coaching usage. So you may speak freely about what is on your mind. Click here to read more about how we handle your privacy.

Are my partner and children eligible to apply for coaching by you?

If your employer has a contract with Resilians, your partner is usually also entitled to receive coaching from Resilians free of charge. The same applies to your children still living at home as well as to your children living away from home who are students. Children have to be 16 years or older to receive coaching by Resilians.

Which background do Resilians’ coaches have?

Resilians employs professional coaches with a wealth of experience in the area of resilience, vitality and personal development. Our people were trained at higher professional or university level and specialize in short-term, progression-oriented coaching and counseling. We work according to the latest insights in coaching and psychology. Click here to read more about our coaches.

Is there a Resilians coach near me?

Resilians has over 50 coaching locations throughout the Netherlands. There is very likely to be a Resilians coach near you.

Why do your coaching programs consist of no more than five sessions?

Resilians has a short-term, progression-oriented approach. In our experience, one or two coaching sessions can already produce positive results. Research into our coaching shows that nearly everyone who is coached by us reaches their coaching goal.

What if five sessions are not enough?

During the interview we discuss whether our coaching lends itself to your question. If we believe that five sessions are not enough to reach your goal, we will discuss this with you. If necessary we will refer you to another care professional.

How often may I receive coaching?

If your employer has a contract with Resilians, you are eligible for five coaching sessions per calendar year following the interview by phone.

Who pays for the coaching?

If your employer has a contract with Resilians, they pay for the costs of coaching without knowing the coaching recipient. Employers choose Resilians’ accessible coaching because it contributes to employee well-being and increases work performance. This is why you and your family members do not have to pay for coaching.

Can I continue with my coach after the coaching program has ended?

Resilians believes that coaching should be short-term. The contract your employer has with us entitles you to five free coaching sessions. It does not, however, allow you to continue with your coach, even if you pay for it yourself.

Can I reach you outside office hours?

Yes, you can talk to a Resilians coach 24/7. If you call outside office hours, he or she will usually not be the coach you have already been talking to but one of their colleagues. Your own coach will be briefed afterwards.