Our starting point

You can influence your own resilience

We believe that it is possible to increase your vitality and resilience, allowing you to cope better with life’s challenges and to keep developing as a human being. We offer practical coaching that helps you move forward and produces lasting results.

This is how we contribute to vitality and resilience

Our mission

Vitality and resilience for everyone

We want our coaching to contribute to the vitality and resilience of as many people as possible. This benefits you, and your employer as well. For the more employees who feel good about themselves, the better the organization will function.

This is why we made our coaching easily accessible

Our approach

Accessible coaching for you

If your employer has a contract with Resilians, all employees can make use of our coaching free of charge and on their own initiative. In most cases, your family members are eligible as well. Our coaching is accessible 24/7 and we do not feed any information back to your employer.

You will be talking to the best coaches in no time

Our people

Coaches with an open mind

Resilians employs professional coaches with a wealth of experience in the area of resilience, vitality and personal development. You will find that our approach is based on trust and that we are truly independent. You will also learn that Resilians coaches have an open mind and focus on the goals you want to reach.

You will accomplish a lot in a short time

Our results

Why people choose Resilians

Our approach works. That is what our coaching clients tell us. They award our coaching with a 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5. Scientific research also confirms the effect of our approach. Our coaching increases people’s energy, motivation and resilience.

Get to know us

Passion at work

Get to know us

Our name, Resilians, is derived from the word ‘resilience’. It is what we stand for and what we work on passionately every day. For the people we coach and for the clients who put their trust in us.