1.     These General Terms and Conditions apply to all activities undertaken by Resilians B.V.

2.     Any person who uses the services of Resilians declares that he or she is providing (or has provided) Resilians with his or her correct personal data.

3.     All activities undertaken by Resilians are subject to its privacy regulations.

4.     Any person who calls upon Resilians for coaching declares to be doing so of his or her own free will.

5.     Coaching sessions which are cancelled by the coaching client less than 24 hours in advance will be charged or deducted from the remaining session balance. This does not apply to the first intake session.

6.     During coaching sessions by phone, clients will refrain from other activities, such as operating a (motor) vehicle, machines or devices, and other activities which require concentration.

7.     Resilians will limit and/or decline coaching, in whole or in part:

a.     if someone asks to be coached without being able to demonstrate that he or she is entitled to it;

b.     if the person asking to be coached is already under the supervision of a physician, a psychologist or another mental healthcare specialist.

c.     if Resilians is of the opinion that the client in question may suffer from a disease or a disorder;

d.     if the coaching in question goes beyond the agreed services of Resilians, such as, for example but not limited to, in the event that assistance is required as a result of war, terrorist attacks or disasters in the broadest sense of the word.

8.     Any person who receives free coaching by Resilians because of a contract between Resilians and his or her employer (or the employer of his or her partner or parent) declares that he or she actually has a permanent or temporary employment contract with said employer at such a time as the coaching starts. If it turns out that the person who receives free coaching was not employed by said employer, he or she will reimburse Resilians for the costs of coaching at the then regular rate.

9.     Any person who refers another person whose employer does not have a contract with Resilians implicitly declares that he or she is authorized to purchase a paid service from Resilians. The referrer also agrees that Resilians will not disclose any information about the coaching to the referrer, the employer and/or third parties. Finally, the referrer declares that he or she will not oblige or coerce the person referred for coaching to provide information about the coaching to the referrer or otherwise share information with third parties.

10.     Coaches and coaching clients are not allowed to add sessions to a coaching program without written permission from Resilians. Furthermore, coaches and coaching clients are not allowed to start a new coaching program unbeknownst to Resilians, not even pro bono or at their own expense.

11.     A payment term of fourteen (14) days applies to all Resilians invoices. If payment is not received within 14 days, the client will be in default, without prior notice of default being required. From that moment on, Resilians is also entitled to charge and claim collection and administrative fees as well as interest.

12.     For all services other than individual coaching, Resilians will not charge if the assignment is cancelled fifteen (15) days or more in advance. In case of cancellation fourteen to eight (14-8) days in advance, 50% of the total amount will be charged. In case of cancellation seven (7) days or less in advance, 100% of the total amount will be charged.

13.     For all services other than individual coaching, if the person who has tasked Resilians to provide services requests additional services, Resilians will charge for the additional services provided based on recalculation. If the total costs of the assignment exceed EUR 5,000 excluding 21% VAT, Resilians will request a further confirmation of the assignment for the additional amount.

14.     All activities undertaken by Resilians are subject to Dutch law.

15.     Complaints about Resilians’ services will be addressed exclusively to Resilians management. Both the party issuing the complaint and Resilians management will endeavor, to the extent possible, to find a mutually acceptable solution.

16.     In the case of any illegal act or attributable shortcoming, the party ordering the services may only hold Resilians liable for compensation of the amount of the demonstrable damage actually suffered, up to a maximum that is equal to the amount which Resilians has invoiced the party ordering the services for the case in question. Parties ordering services indemnify Resilians from third-party claims arising directly or indirectly from the services Resilians provides to them.

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